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Back home—Taiwan

I’ve spent almost just as much time in the States as I have in Taiwan over my lifetime. I’ve earned my education, met some of my best friends, and even started my career in the States, but Taiwan is still where I call home. (It’s also where I get all my medical related stuff done. Hooray national health care system!)

Some random shots I took while I waited for my flight:
Symmetry is beautiful. and hip.

Quick bite before my departure:
$15 for a 10″ pizze and a drink. I shall kiss expensive dining good bye and welcome delectable and affordable Taiwanese cuisine with open arms.

I call this the nerd cube:
It’s where you’ll find me at an airport.

20139629 20139630

I had quite a long flight—12 hour flight to Korea for a layover, waited 2 hours for the transfer, then 2 more hours for a flight to Taiwan. I’ve watched 3 movies, endured 3 meals (I’m not a fan of airplane food, though, many of my friends do), and took a 4 hour nap. It was not fun.

No more shared screens! I rode Asiana, each of passenger could pick what they want to watch and Tivo (you can play, pause, rewind..etc) it as they please on their own little screen.

Here’s the 10,000 mile selfy in the plane lavatory.

This is Korea’s Incheon Airport.
At a quick glance of its architecture, it reminded me of SFO.

Symmetry is hip.
P5106596 P5106598

The flight from Korea to Taiwan is by Eva. Their latest campaign is the “Kitty Plane.”

Hello Kitty Air.

…then I passed out the whole way on the plane, so I didn’t get to take any picture at all. Sorry, guys.

I head back to Taiwan annually for my typical family affairs and physical check up. But this time around, I have a more pressing mission, which I shall keep it to myself for now. It’s not exactly IZ related, but it sure will affect it one way or another.

Anyway, I’ll use this platform to document my adventures here oversea and, frankly, there’s just been rain over rain. I’ve lost all of my interest to go out, but on the brighter note, the rain also kept the heat away and allow me to work at home…like I would in the States… ha.

’til next time.