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Miami—Day 1

Location: Miami, FL
Photo cred: Michelle & Benson
Camera1: Olympus OMD EM5
Lens: Lumix 20mm f1.7
Camera2: Canon D20
Camera3: iPhone 5s

Miami isn’t exactly what I expected.
I attribute my false standard of Miami to rap videos and movie industries. They make Miami look like it’s any drug lord’s getaway, but I’m sure it’s true to a certain extent; the house crib behind where I stayed had a mini golf course. Anyway, there were no booze on beach, no 32 inch rim Impalas bouncing down the street, and no glamorous night life (at least from where I stayed). But I must admit, Miami is absolutely stunning and the weather is gorgeous.

p.s. Spanish is Miami’s primary language, not english. If you want to get cozy with the locals, learn something simple. I never felt this much regrets about taking French in high school.

We drove three and a half hours from Orlando and finally made it to Miami in the evening. Michelle had thoroughly planned our Miami trip, so no time would be wasted. The first destination is Joe’s Stone Crab, one of the popular seafood joints around the area:
010514-31 010514-35

Best looking bread. Taste? it didn’t matter, they just had to stay pretty and keep us busy till they bring out the lead actor—stone crabs.010514-37
010514-40Oysters were fresh, but too pricey.



Consider that we won’t be visiting Miami any time soon, and this may be our only time at the restaurant, we demanded their most popular item—King crab legs. 010514-42 010514-46 010514-47 010514-48

Key lime pie to finish. 010514-50

This was the most expensive meal I’ve had through out my east coast trip.
Terrific food, but I personally don’t think it’s worth the money. If you want value, visit Chelsea Market in New York for their lobsters.
[su_heading]12:05PM next morning[/su_heading]


A deli from across the beach. Food was horrible, I wouldn’t be surprised if the items either came from a toaster or a microwave. 010614-47 010614-46

010614-24 010614-25

The moment we’ve been longing for.
010614-27 010614-28 010614-29 010614-26 010614-31 010614-33 010614-34
My feet are so pale, I think I need shades before it starts hurting my eyes staring at them.

010614-36 010614-42

Cloud came to the party, too, and ruined everything.
That’s one complete rainbow.

010614-56 010614-72 010614-69 010614-66 010614-76

Laundry time—among other tourists.
010614-7 010614-6

While we waited:

Miami Beach, Washington Ave.
010614-10 010614-11

Spris— Pizzas are their main draw, with over 30 tantalizing varieties of Spris’ famed thin-crusted pizza are delicately baked in a wood-burning brick oven. It’s pretty darn good.
010614-13 010614-14 010614-12 010614-16 010614-17

That’s a sunny side-up egg! 010614-19 010614-18

Quick note: you’d have to pay for meter almost everywhere you visit, and their hours is from 7AM-10PM (and that’s generous, some spots last till 1AM).

Tomorrow we visit southern most point of USA!

’til then,