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Margaret + Lu’s Wedding Celebration

Last Sunday’s a big day for the Qi and Chou family. Especially for me, really. Not only did I gain a new brother, I had the honor of documenting the wedding. Being my first wedding shoot, I had to put all my theoretical knowledge to use and soon realize a wedding shoot’s not much different from combating at a battlefield. It’s about speed and timing, good aim, and strategic planning for the right shot at the right time. There’s no starting over and missing any important moment is like a shot to a vital organ( to both the photographer and the newly wed). At the end of the day, I’m simply glad that I survived and was able to yield a few bearable photos. And thankfully, I had my trusting comrade, Michelle, to assist me with the shoot.



The ceremony took place in the afternoon, but the journey began in the morning. I’m not sure how other weddings work, but for a Chinese one, the groom and his groomsmen would first have to face several challenges given by the bridesmaids, and only when they complete them would the groom be able to marry the bride. It’s really a game to test the groom’s (and groomsmen’s) stamina, sense of humor, and endurance for shame.
wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-3He ain’t playing around.



Obstacle 1: wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-6The challenges, to a certain extent, also test the bromance between the groom and groomsmen.



wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-11It was not a pretty scene.


wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-10Groom and groomsmen had to spell out “I Love You” by picking and aligning red beans with Chopsticks. Time limit: 30 seconds.

wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-20 wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-21
Lu had to chug  a who-knows-what kind of drink. Till this day, only Lu and the bridesmaid know what went down.

One piece swimsuit in size female small? check.

All done, here goes the real deal.

wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-13 wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-14
This was not a Cinderella story. Putting on the heels for the bride symbolizes the groom’s good faith and his willingness to pamper the wife.

A contract of love committed by the hot red lip stamp of the groom.

Lastly, the blessing from the parents:
wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-16 wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-17 wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-19 wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-18

..then off they go to the ceremony!
wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-26 wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-25

The ceremony was held at the Baltic, an 100 year old German and American restaurant. It’s historical, yet casual atmosphere was perfectly suitable for the flea market style wedding that Margaret and Lu curated:
wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-23 wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-24 wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-36

All the props were hand made. We all had our share or stapling each flag to the rope and creating the desktop floral decorations. It was a painstaking process and it all paid off. wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-54
Allen and Nicole made these enormous glow-y letters from scratch. Badasses.

wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-47 wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-45 wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-49 wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-50
wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-30 wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-29 wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-32 wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-33 wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-31 wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-51 wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-4-2 wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-34 wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-52 wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-35 wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-3-2 wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-39 wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-40 wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-41 wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-46
wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-58 wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-57 wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-5-2 wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-60wedding_lu_margaret_best_S-43
Congrats, Wa & Lu, may you find eternal happiness in each other and the strength to raise that soon-to-be niece/nephew of mine.