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HOW Design Live Conference—The Exhibition Hall

062513_1HOW Design Live is a web & design based conference that’s currently taking place (June 22nd-26th) in San Francisco. Although, I’m big on design and have been revolving my career around it, I’m quite disconnected with the field in terms of professional gatherings and events like these. I don’t recall where and how, but I discovered the event a few months ago, and with its free exhibition-hall-only pass, I signed up in an instant. (Not sure if the free passes is still available.) They also offer workshops and talks to attend, but at $700 for a daily pass, I had to politely decline. $700, really?!?!

Like most exhibitions, it took place at Moscone Center, in the heart of San Francisco. 062513_2

Imaginary Zebra in the house. 062513_3

Right at the entrance, MWV, a packaging company, greeted us with a collage of butterflies (in the process of..)  spelling out “Inspire.” 062513_4

They were also hosting a competition for a chance to win a $50 gift card. 062513_5

$50 sounded pretty nice, but we were more motived by the chance to design something of our own. And I suppose a butterfly would do at this point. 062513_6

Here’s my Chinese butterfly. 062513_7




Right next to WMV, there’s Pantone. A cohesive color system that many designers swear to. They’re most widely known for their swatches. But accessories such as mugs have begin to surface: 062513_11

And this!062513_12Pantone’s a brand is color. And the extent of that is endless.

Brands like Tattly also plays off the Pantone layout for their temp tattoos—Tattone 5K1N. 062513_13

Then, we came across a booth by Mohawk, a paper co, and Dodocase, a company. 062513_14

They were giving out “Dodonote”, a notepad case that’s compatible with iphone 4 & 5! 062513_15Came with 3 color ways—Red, blue, and black.

They even offered to foil stamping your case. I went with “IZ”. How unpredictable. 062513_16

Michelle Chang went with MC. I admit we are the most creative peeps, but we sure have one of the most innovative cases (for now). 062513_17

Veer, a stock photo firm, was giving away free shirts!062513_18

I strive from freebies. A cool thing about a design conference is that even freebies are pretty cool looking. Free stuff from a tech event makes me want to throw up on myself. 062513_19

Yes, I think I’m fancy. 062513_20

More cool shit: 062513_21Keyboard stickers from Shutterstock.

Blurb provides a service that allow any individual to make their own book. Not on the spot, of course. 062513_22

A large hardcover like this would run for around $120. A 1 of 1 copy. 062513_23

A smaller would go for $20-40/pc. Having this platform allow anyone to become a publisher of their own creations. Though, the cost is a bit high, but it’s something that’s never been done before that’s economically feasible. 062513_24

VMA (not the award) had a wall full of type.
062513_25We were asked to draw out our favorite letter. I think we just went for whatever came to mind first.

More chances for us to win things: 062513_26

Side tracked by this cool packaging: 062513_27

Mao came to join the fun. 062513_28

Canon had their own little booth at the conference as well. 062513_29Played with the marco 60mm on a 60D. The picture was sharp and absolutely stunning.

Dieline also had a booth showcase award winning packaging: 062513_31




Last but certainly not least, HP created a collectible postcards that can found across the hall called “SF Views”, which is a set of 15 cards made with different finish/textured paper and each had a different aesthetics reflecting the impression of the given designer.062513_35

I found all 15. (Just realized I forgot to include Jessica Hische’s in the following photo.)062513_36

Here’s all the stuff I received for the afternoon: 062513_37That is:
-2 bags, 2 wristbands, 3 t-shirts, 2 mouse pad, 1 cotton candy(?), 1 lip moisturizer, 2 badges, 1 sharpie, 1 ruler, 2 notebooks, 2 klipnotes, 2 posters, 6 buttons, 16 stickers, 9 postits, 20 business cards, and 23 paper samples & brochures.

Of which, these stood out the most for me:
062513_38A giant eraser that’ll last you a life time by WebInk.

062513_39Cards that teach you about the anatomy of type. Again, from WebInk.

Cool card by Shutterstock. 062513_40

Another by New Leaf. 062513_41

THE notebook case. 062513_42

Cool looking paper case by Skillfeed.062513_43

Keyboard sticker by Shutterstock062513_44

My favorite—the designer impression of San Francisco. 062513_45

I’ve had my share of trade shows and conferences, with most of them being tech-oriented, I find that a design one offers some of the most intriguing and beautiful merchandises to take home. I highly recommend a conference like this, even if design’s not your profession.

If you’re interested in any of the items I mentioned above (except for the post cards, for that I’m keeping). Feel free to write your name/email/and the item you want in the comments and I’ll choose a random winner in a week or so! Winners have been chosen!