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Bluetooth Bracelet/Watch by Mobile Fun—Product Review

This isn’t the most advanced gadget out there, but I sure feel hell of a lot more futuristic when using it. It’s the bluetooth enabled bracelet slash watch from MobileFun, leading online retailer for mobile friendly and innovative accessories. Cut right to the chase, here goes my 2 cents.

First look at packaging:

Simplistic matte finish with a magnetic closing from the side. I was sent the white version out of the 6 possible color schemes.

The content:

I usually just expect a watch when I buy watches. This one not only comes with a watch, but a USB charger (that’s a plus), and a UK adapter (this one’s sold from the UK market place).

Very slick looking.

Due to the white surface, finger prints aren’t particular visible.

The inner rim of the watch has an extra layer of rubber for grip.

Charger that looks like a viper.

Having to receive this product in the States results in leaving this adapter useless…

But fear not, now that quite a few of us has an iphone (49ish% market share in the US), one can simply use the IPhone provided USB wall adapter for this nifty device:

The charging outlet on the watch is a bit funky, but whatever gets the job done:

A micro icon would appear when charged properly.

Taking a closer look, the white version of this bracelet/ watch resembles the Honda Asimo, no?

It’s quite thick.

It only comes in one size and it fits quite small.

The manual is straight forward and helpful. All it’ll take is the initial setup (which will take around 3 minutes), then the rest of the feature for the watch is intuitive.

The COOL stuff:

The watch mostly serve as a fashion item when asleep. Only by a click of a botton would it display the time:

When receiving a phone call, caller’s number would be displayed. AND the watch would vibrate.

This feature comes in handy when you’re a conference or loud environment (club/bar) where you’d keep your phone in your pocket or on silent.

If you receive a call from one of your contacts:

Caller ID would show up. BUT, if the caller ID’s consisted of “Emoji” icons or characters that this device can’t recognize, it would only show the numbers.

Another cool feature for the forgetfuls like me:

When the watch is connected via bluetooth, it would vibrate when it’s too far from the device. Hence, notify you when you left your phone elsewhere. Very cool.

Overall, this is a pretty sweet item. Solves problem in a advanced and fashionable ways. On another hand, I would expect better graphics (just to please the eye) and smaller form factor.

*Edit 12/01/12, this item’s discontinued.
Thanks again, MobileFun for sending me the item.
Check out other iPhone 5 accessories through their site and get blown away but their innovations.

’til next review,