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FAME 2012—Event Recap

F.A.M.E. stands for Fashion, Art, Music, and Exhibition. It’s a bi-annual event typically hosted in San Jose that gathers some of the best locally grown street wear brands and artists alike for a night of loud music, glamorous fashion show, and mad shopping spree. I’ve been a FAME veteran, for this would be my 5th attendance (never missed once; that’s better than how I did in school).

This is Bobbi. He’s the host. Along with his team, they bridge indie brands like us with the genuine and local crowds. Win/win.

Don’t be fooled by the cupcakes, I heard he only sleeps 2 hours a day,  plants his own produce, and eats danger for breakfast. He’s the last guy you want to mess. Come to his events.

Dinner started early. Mcky D’s not my first choice for meals, but at times like this, we compromise. A quick dinner then back to work:

While we’re still in the process of clearing out our old inventory, we designed the booth with grab boxes for easier access. This is our 6th rendition of our booth. Much more can be improved, but I’ll leave that to a later post.

Candies were added to our booth. This feature’s a keeper.

An enormous screen projected onto the blank wall. A great way to watch the show when it’s flooded by the crowd.

F.A.M.E. stands for Fashion, Art, Music, and Exhibition. Officially. 
To me, they stand for something else:

F—friends. Corny, but can’t be more fitting. I meet new friends and catch up with the old ones at EVERY SINGLE F.A.M.E. Every once in a while, I would even come across friends that I’ve lost touch since years ago.

This is Nikko from high school. HIGH SCHOOL, that sounds so distant (I’m just getting old).

Rolo (old friend) and Joey (new friend, and an amazing bboy).

Shirley and Eric from Popping club!

Fellow brand owners are great peeps to connect. Some share the simliar aesthetic and philosophy, many have been through what I’ll be going through, and all of them understand how difficult it is to be established and earn the heart of a customer. Not only would we help each other out, they’re also great sources to bounce off ideas with. Here are some of the brands from F.A.M.E:

The most innovative products goes to Blankshoppe—they have a collection of wide variety of products. From recycled newspaper textured handbags to studs filled bracelets. They’ve got it all.

Top Tier Vintage Company 

Cloth hanger as a business card? Genius and memorable.

Wolves Den.

Hands down the cleanest set up. Neck breaking on every aspect of the booth. Helium filled balloons? They nailed it.

Black’d out Boba Fett? Done.

Gold & Thread by Hagen Valencia.

Custom handmade collection. Easily the craftiest booth out there.


Jon’s awesome and probably the friendliest person I know. This would be the go-to spot for custom vinyl goodies. While they’re holding it down strong on the toys, they’ve also expanded their horizon to cut-and-sew as well as heavily embroidered varsity jackets:

Unfortunately, Ray couldn’t make it, but it just proves how great of a man he is that his friends would come out and hold it down for him. 1nspiration is free! 

Hiiro and Dane with one of a kind custom hats.

The details would blow your mind.

Homegrown Blends.

Petals and Peacocks. 

Finally met Mike & friends from Booger Kids. 

Breezy & Halloway, the home grown SJ brands holding it down.

IMinusD, your SJ fixed gear supply shop.

Nicole and Jayne with their Lashes in a Box.

Jon, Melanie, and their team with a MASSIVE amount of apparel and accessories from Fully Laced.

Last, but certainly not least. We have the most photogenic man from SuhReal.

A’s for Art. All kinds of art.

This is Mike and he’s awesome (that’s a Frankenstein Ninja Turtle he’s painting). If you’re around the area, he’s a got a show going at Kaleid Gallery titled “Space to Grow.”

M—moments. Hundreds of cameras and phones capturing every moment of FAME. Beyond the event itself, many are anticipating the collection of journals and passages written about what went down through the eyes of the photographers/bloggers.

Rolo‘s always taking photos. And the photos are always stunning.

Jon’s got it going on.

From our team, Grace!

and Raymond, capturing the event bits by bits.

We all take pictures of different things:

E—entertainment. Aside from the plethora of brands and apparel across the floor, there are much more going on that would please your senses.

The soon-to-be filled catwalk:

Dance competition:

Spoken word:

and live music:

Another year, another FAME.

By the end of the day, I’d like to thank my team and my lady for coming out to support and help make it another great vending experience! This simply wouldn’t be as fun without you guys.

And Christine as well as rest of the crew to help assisting us and answering all of our questions at hectic times.

See you all next year:

’til next time, 
-Photos by Grace, Raymond, and I