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Canonet struck again!

The feelings you get when you got your new toy. Except this toy’s 40 years old and able to capture moments in a fashion that no digital toy of its kind can. It’s been 3 days since I fixed this guy up and I’ve already killed two rolls of film (Though, that’s really just 48 shots – but’s it’s really $2.50/roll + $5 development fee = about 30 cents a shot, meaning every 4 shots I take, I could’ve use the same $ for a McChicken.) Dam, I’m in deep.

Anyway, this time I took it on a trip to downtown San Francisco.

How typical of me.

A few indoor shots to experiment with the meter set up. Using the 400 film, I think I shot this at 1/60 f1.7.

1/30 f1.7.

Bright sunny day across the Bay – never a better time for a photo session.

Cameraman or カメラマン as what they call em’ in Japan. 

Am I a street photographer, yet?

So much variations and anticipations when developing these shots. It’s almost like opening a blind box from those Kidrobot toys. I could finally understand the people that would choose film over any digital cameras.

’til the next roll,
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