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Red Ballooon 2011 – Event Recap

Last time was fun. Invited by Jen again, the team and I went down to Vallejo for the first, and I’m sure many more in the future, Red Balloon event at Touro University.

I used to sit down with dancers to brainstorm for performance ideas, but since I no longer living in Davis, the dancers had full creative freedom (without me nagging) to come up with their own set this time around. I saw the rehearsal for the first time just a few nights before the event. And I must say, UCD Popping club never disappoints.

Eventually, we all learned to find alternative venues to practice when dance rooms are occupied.

↑This is on a Thursday night. 50 degree weather. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Did I mention it was 50 degrees?! Scott’s a sav.

After following an elaborated driving directions, I’ve finally arrived Touro University.
Like usual, we’d start a couple of hours before the show to sound check, set up, and final rehearse.

We got kicked off the stage after one run; more performers are waiting to rehearse.

Good thing the dancers are resilient. This is what they’ve obtained when practicing in Davis – all the dancers get kicked out so often, they can now practice ANYwhere with music as loud as an iphone can get.

New buddy, Victor from MMD.

↑All the way from so-cal, Vic and his partners Kim and John came out to cover the ins and outs of Red Balloon. You gotta utilize the things around you for shows like these. Panning with chair backs? check.

Tony showed up to support. and to help a brother out.

Giving people a chance to capture their own moments of Red Balloon, the staff had a photoshoot set up right across from us: (every event should have one of these.)

↑Side note // Does anyone know where we can browse the photos taken at the the booth?

Like we always do, we snuck the prop when no one’s watching.

Soon enough, the door was opened and people were pumped.

Andrew came out, too.

The night’s MCs:

↑Always a pleasure to have Nicki around.

Jen did a great job pulling all the passionate musicians together. Red Balloon had yet another incredible line up for the night:

We’re up first after intermission. Quick snack!

Quick prep!

Quick jam!

↑Summoned by Nicki. Mind went blank, but was still able to give it quick pitch on the Red Balloon tees. 

Go Aggies!

Ruby, Anna, and Donna have been the veteran of Red Balloon.

Stunning performance once again:

Last but certainly not least:

If you don’t know who this guys is, you ought to YouTube more.
With 26 million views and counting, his world renown rendition of “a whole new world.”

Cooler yet, he’s an employee of Pixar! Mad respect.

Everyone was invited on stage for the party.

↑ excitement.

Thanks again, Jen, for the fun-filled show.

Super awesome peeps that made this show possible.

Everyone wanted a piece of Nick.

↑Red Balloon x Nick Pitera x UCD Popping Club x TIZ!

Good fun, good turnout. Red Balloon was a success!
If you still plan on grabbing a Red Balloon x TIZ tee, a few are still available here.

’til the next party,
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